Deals in: Interior & Exterior Work, Civil Work, Pest Control, Aluminium Doors & Window, Office Furniture and All types of Curtain and Tracks.

Ess Kay Décor is an Indian -based company that offer interior design solutions for residential, commercial and institutional spaces. Established in the year 2007 , the company is committed to provide personalized attention to each project and is known for its attention to detail, creative solutions, and the use of the latest technology and trends to create innovative and timeless designs. In addition to its core interior design services, Ess Kay Décor also provides customized furniture solutions, pest control services and a wide range of curtains and tracks. The company aims to be a one - stop shop for clients interior finishing and furnishing - related requirements. Ess Kay Décor offers a range of products such as Wallpapers, Wall Panels, Window Blinds, Carpets, Flooring, False Ceiling, and Modular Kitchen. The company aims to provide customized interior solutions to clients that are tailored to their specific needs

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